How Smoothie Detox Challenge works

Stage 1: Preparation of the smoothies

In 10 days you will replace your three main dinners with smoothies. Detailed shopping plans and records are given in this digital book. Each smoothie formula provides 3 servings. You will make a huge cluster and divide it in the same way into 3 containers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also delicious and filling!

Stage 2: Whole grain snacks

You will also eat two snacks each day. A full description of the bites is also given in this book. Probably the most well-known concern of people starting their first detox is hunger. Drinking your food, instead of eating it very well, can be a change, and constantly eating pieces of food will help you reduce your appetite so that your body and mind can become healty. Vegetarian lover and vegetarian choice.

Stage 3: Optional wholesome meals

For those who may want a modified version of this agreement, we suggest replacing one smoothie each day with a good dinner.

A sense of community is so important to weight loss success! As a member of our weight loss family, you’ll never feel like you’re detoxing alone. Swap detox stories and build friendships.

Get rewards for the most emotional change. You must submit photos before and after the change to be qualified. The instructions are in the manual.

Good luck!

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