For or against separate meals

Separate diet

In a separate diet, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are broken down by various digestive enzymes.
Proteins are broken down in an acidic environment and carbohydrates in an alkaline one. Therefore, they should be consumed separately according to American nutritionist Herbert Sheldon. He divides food into three types and creates a separate diet.
The three types of food are:

  1. Alkaline – meat, fish, eggs, legumes and seeds, nuts
  2. ACID – Bread and pasta; cereals, potatoes, honey, sugar
  3. NEUTRAL PRODUCTS – Fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils

Eating separately means that alkaline and acidic foods do not enter the stomach at the same time.
Different types of food need different types of digestive juices. Eating individual meals helps for better digestion, which leads to us being healthier and looking better.

Let’s take a look at Dr. Herbert Shelton’s split-feeding system. He created a table of compatible and incompatible foods.

Compatible/can be consumed together/

  • starch-free meat and vegetables
  • patatas + vegetable fats
  • cereals + all vegetables
  • fruit + dairy products

Incompatible – mixing is not recommended

  • coffee with rye bread
  • Tomato with cereals (rice, buckwheat, bulgur)
  • meat, eggs, mushrooms with sugars
  • fish with cereals, legumes, cream
  • Dairy foods with meat, bread, cereals

What must not be mixed?

Proteins + proteins     

For example, meat – eggs, fish – nuts should not be eaten together. Proteins are not well absorbed if eaten together.

Protein + fat

Animal and vegetable fats should not be combined with eggs and fish. Fats hinder the secretion of gastric juices

Carbohydrates + fats

Carbohydrates + carbs

Buckwheat and potatoes, pasta and cereals! Only one type of carbohydrate per meal.

Carbohydrates + acids

 Acid destroys ptyalin /Alpha-amylase/, which breaks down carbohydrates

For whom is not a separate diet?

For those who have:

Intolerance to: gluten, lactose, fructose, histamine.
Food allergies of the third type.
Irritable bowel syndrome.
Insulin resistance.
Crohn’s disease.

Everyone has to decide if a separate diet is for him. I personally am a proponent of it and try to follow the above recommendations for food separation. You have to decide for yourself personally. And the question for or against the separate diet is in front of you. And whether you will eat separately or not is entirely up to you.

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