Progressive obstruction weight –training program for women.

Weight training is not just for men. Women also do strength training with extra weight. This is not just a way to build muscle and melt fat.

 Weight training has many benefits for women’s health.

  • better bone density
  • better sleep
  • weight loss
  • better posture
  • balancing hormones

With age, muscle mass is lost and collagen synthesis in the body decreases.

This poses a risk of premature aging and deteriorating health.

 Exercises with weights can improve the condition of the muscles and stimulate the slowing down of the aging processes in the body.

This program requires a 5-day of the week responsibility and is a body change program, which means you will over-burden the muscles and compelling them to react, thus constructing extra muscle.

The 12-week program is separated into three 4-week portions, 5 days every seven-day stretch of preparing.

The exercises are intended for “reformist over-burden,” which implies you’ll be following and expanding your loads as you get more grounded and the weeks’ progress, to add more muscle while keeping up your leanness.

Notwithstanding the 12 weeks of programming, you’ll approach 10 extra 5-minute “consume outs” if you’d like more somewhat more perspiring, shortness of breath, and cardio. These “finishers” can be added to any exercise as an alternative.

Reformist obstruction weight-training program for ladies who need more muscle, more definition, and to look more athletic.

LeanBuilding: 12-Week Muscle Building Program for women

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